Frequently Asked Questions

Natz Ti Ha is located on Calle Flamingo between Calle 38 and 40, in the Colonia Zazil Ha, near Coco Beach. If you’re coming by taxi or private transport, tell your driver it is next to Shangri La or Mahekal as it is now called. If you have already made your lodging reservation, you will receive directions and other general information from Playa Breeze 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

Although there is not a guest reception area at Natz Ti Ha, there is a 24 hour security staff and they maintain a schedule of guests who will be arriving. Be sure to check in with them immediately upon your arrival. They will direct you to your condo and assist you with your baggage if you like. A few dollars for assisting you and carrying your luggage to your condo is appreciated but not required.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Warm for sure. Sunny, probably. A little rain maybe. Even when it rains it often only rains long enough to wet things down and cool things off a bit and then it’s back to more sunshine. You may want to bring a light sweater for evenings in town during the winter months.Toggle Content

Yes, we can help arrange service for authentic Mexican and Mayan style cooking as well as some more traditional types. Just let us know.  Preferably in advance of your vacation but with at least 48 hour notice to ensure chef availability. As a general rule you should figure between $30 and $40 US per person for a full service dinner but you can easily spend more or less.

The best time of year to visit Playa is an individual decision. The busiest time of the year is from late November until the end of April.  The weather is generally a bit cooler and the humidity is a bit lower at this time of the year although daytime highs can still reach into the mid to upper 80’s F (29 Celsius).  Nights can be cooler and very pleasant. The Value Season from May to mid December offers lower rental prices and often lower restaurant and  service prices, as well as fewer people and less crowded beaches.  Daytime temps can range from 83 (28 Celsius) to 95 (35 Celsius) degrees F. Humidity levels are also higher at this time of year.

From May through June there can still be some great weather and less people. Daytime temps are starting to creep up along with the humidity but it can still be a great time to vacation.

July through mid November is the quietest time of the year and offers the lowest rental rates of the year.  There is also an influx of European and Mexican visitors at this time of year.  It can be a really good time to visit Playa if you want to avoid the crowds in town and on the beach.  Shopkeepers are hungry for business and you may find lower prices in shops and restaurants. Temps can be warm and rain showers more frequent but normally most welcome as they cool things down a bit before passing on.

It’s probably a good idea to throw in a lightweight jacket or sweater in the cooler months but it’s not a necessity.  You can always pick up a Playa Del Carmen jacket or sweatshirt at many of the shops around town.  You’ll probably want a souvenir to take home anyway.

Don’t worry about it. Everyone else does. Playa Del Carmen is a tourist area. You will find many languages spoken here. After Spanish, English is the most common and you should have little trouble communicating your needs. Almost all of the shops and restaurants along 5th Avenue have English speaking staff. Enjoy the challenge of communicating with the locals. They will be practicing their English on you!

Although there are many alternatives and special places for special things, unless you are really familiar with Playa or consider grocery shopping in Mexico to be an adventure, the best place to probably start is MEGA. It’s Mexico’s version of Walmart and will have everything you need. It’s actually a very nice store and we find it highly preferable to Walmart just two blocks away. MEGA is located at 30th Avenue and Constituyentes. You can walk there from Natz Ti Ha in about 20 minutes (mostly along 5th Avenue) and it’s a good way to get a feel for things by walking. Buy your groceries and take a cab back to Natz Ti Ha.  Cabs will be waiting for you at MEGA. If you’re in a hurry you can take a cab both ways.

All of the ice in Playa is made from purified water and is safe for you to enjoy at any time.

Playa’s restaurants are constantly changing.  It would be a full time job for 3 people to try to keep track of them all. There is always something for everyone and when you come down we’ll be happy to let you know the latest and greatest. With the overwhelming amount of Social Media sites available you should have no trouble finding reviews and recommendations through the internet as well before and during your visit.

You should use the same precautions as you would at home. Playa’s beaches are generally very safe but to walk alone on the beach after dark is an invitation for a problem. A small group is better than a single individual. We have walked (and slept) on the beach many times after dark, but just because you are on vacation don’t leave your common sense at home.

The preferred method these days is to use your debit card from home in one of the bank ATM machines. The expense (if any) is minimal for the convenience provided. There are many ATM machines around town but we recommend using only the ones at an actual bank. Scotia Inverlat is the nearest to Natz Ti Ha and a good choice. It is located at 10th Avenue and Constituyentes. There are also money exchange kiosks all around town but the exchange rate will always be less than in a bank machine.

You should be able to get just about anywhere in Playa for between 50 and 100 pesos. Playa is divided into taxi zones and each time you cross into another zone the fare may increase. You should never have to pay more than 100 pesos and you’ll probably be charged 40 to 60 pesos per ride. Tips are not necessary.  If you’re up to it you can ask the driver in advance how much it will cost to take you to your destination.  A cab ride from Mega or Walmart back to Natz Ti Ha with your groceries will cost you between 75 and 100 pesos depending on your driver’s attitude at the moment. All in all it’s a pretty reasonable way to get around if you don’t want to walk.

Ask any of the guards or gardeners for water “Agua por favor”. They will bring it to your condo.  The charge is 50 pesos or about $2.50 US for 5 gallons. A customary tip for the delivery person would be 20 or 30 pesos. They will be happy to put the water bottle on the stand for you if you prefer.

You should be at the airport a minimum of 2 1/2 hours before your flight. 3 hours is recommended for international flights. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the airport from Natz Ti Ha, so plan accordingly.  If you have a rental car to return to the airport, allow some extra time for that.  Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days at the Cancun Airport so take that into consideration as well.

No. We mean, NO! Do not drink tap water. Some of the locals do, but you should not unless you are considering beginning an extreme weight loss program during your vacation.

Provided your service was adequate, 10% as a minimum, 15% for good service and 20% for exceptional service.  Be sure to look over your guest check carefully. Check the math and also check to see if a tip “propina” or “servicio” has already been included. It is not legal to include a tip into a bill but some operators still try to get away with it.

Although maid service is optional during your stay, you can be assured that the maids clean and organize your condo before your arrival and clean it again immediately after your departure. Even though you may not see them during your visit they work hard to make your visit enjoyable.  Feel free to leave them a tip inside the condo when you leave. 100 or 200 pesos will brighten your maid’s day for sure!

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