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Our Favorite Restaurants

It was recently said that Playa has over 800 restaurants.  I don’t know if that’s true or not but there is a restaurant here for everyone. French, Mayan, Italian, Brazilian, Greek, Mexican, American, Italian, German, Spanish, Argentinean, did I mention Italian, ThaiUruguayan, and Swedish.  Enjoy fine dining on the beach or eat alongside the locals at the food carts that seem to be on every corner.  Don’t be afraid to stray away from 5th Avenue; some of the best dining adventures of all take place just a few blocks off the beaten path.  You can also cook in your own condo because the kitchens at Natz Ti Ha were not an afterthought.  You will find everything you need in your condo to prepare great meals from locally purchased items ranging from fresh seafood and meats to some of the freshest fruits and vegetables you will find anywhere.

Additional Services

These services can be added when booking your reservation

Maid Service | $30/cleaning

Airport Transfers | Price Varies

Children's Pack and Play | $20

Tours | Price Varies